Applicants seeking admission to the School must be high school graduates or in possession of a G.E.D. certificate, and be beyond the age of compulsory high school attendance (18, or over). Proof of high school graduation or a G.E.D. certificate in the form of a diploma or a transcript issued by the attending institution is required. State issued Identification will be used to verify the validity of the documents submitted. If the School has any reason to believe that the high school diploma or transcript is invalid, the School will request an official transcript from the issuing institution. As an alternative, the School may contact the relevant department or agency in the state in which the issuing institution is located to verify that the school is recognized as a valid provider of secondary school education.

Any documentation that is required for admission (e.g. high school diplomas, school transcripts) which originates from a foreign country will be certified as equivalent to a US high school diploma and translated into English as needed and evaluated for US high school diploma-equivalency. The Records department will have this performed prior to enrollment and at the School’s expense.

Employers conduct background checks and pre-employment screening methods to avoid hiring and training new employees who are not suitable for the job. We have listed a few standard background and screening methods, but there are many more techniques available to employers: Background Check, Criminal Background Check, Credit Report, Standard Screening Tests, Drug Testing, and Driving History Records.

An employment background check may include education verification, review of work history, verification of Social Security number, review of any criminal history, and review of your credit history. Typically, your criminal history and credit reports are the most requested information. Employers who offer jobs with driving requirements may conduct a check of your driving history record. A negative result during the background check, driving history record, or drug test may disqualify you for employment with certain employers.

Diversified Education Company, Inc. does not have any control over any employers’ pre-employment screening process or any resulting decision-making process by prospective employers. Please make sure you discuss these with prospective employers.

Due to specific industry requirements there may be additional admissions requirements for acceptance into a program. See the description of specific courses for additional details. The school has no policy requiring vaccinations.

The School reserves the right to modify the schedule, curriculum or course content consistent with and in response to changes in the needs of students or their areas of specialization. Tuition, fees and other charges are also subject to change without notice, but changes will not be imposed retroactively.

Qualified applicants who desire to enroll in one of the programs offered must apply in person. The Admissions Department is open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, or by appointment. One of our Admissions Advisor will guide you through the following steps:

  • Choosing from the courses available
  • Showing you our facilities and equipment
  • Meeting other requirements for admission if applicable
  • Arranging for an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor
  • Submitting the Enrollment Agreement to the School Director or his/her designee for final approval

The Admissions Process is composed of the following steps:

  1. Completing the entrance application
  2. Meeting with an Admissions Representative
  3. Touring the facilities
  4. Attending an interview with a Financial Aid Advisor
  5. Attending an Orientation session