Admission Requirements

Diversified Vocational College does not have any articulation agreements with other institutions.

DVC teaches Business Office Administration, Medical Billing Electronic System, and Transportation and Logistics Technology applicants must be High School graduates, hold a GED certificate, or be able to pass an Ability-to-Benefit test (ATB). The cut-off score for the ATB test is 200 for verbal, and 210 for math.

Business Administration Program, Medical Billing Electronic System and Transportation and Logistics Technology

Applicants seeking admission to the Program must be high school graduates or hold a GED certificate, or pass an ATB test and be beyond the age of compulsory high school attendance (18 or over).

An interview with an Admissions Advisor is also required.


Admission Procedure

Resident applicants:  A visit to the school is required.  You may be given an ability to benefit (ATB) test and interviewed by an Admissions Advisor.  You must complete an application form and arrange for your tuition payments.  You will also be given a tour of the facilities.  Your application will be submitted to a school representative.  If it is not accepted, any tuition and fees paid will be refunded within ten (10) days.